New Beginnings

Today is my release date for my first published novella, Theory of Attraction. As a new writer, it’s a very big deal for me to have my book published and released to the public. This is also my first blog post in this blog and I just started a new job last month. So many new things are happening lately and I’m excited and nervous, and yeah, a bit overwhelmed. I wouldn’t have done it without the support of my friends, including online friends. They support me through my ups and downs, and I can't imagine my life without them. My life would really suck without them. 

For my characters, Aaron and Ethan, they are also facing new starts. They’re pursuing their graduate degree at a new university and at the same time starting a new job as a Teaching Assistant. Ethan also longs for another kind of new start. He realizes he wants a real relationship, not one-night-stands. The object of his affection, unfortunately, doesn’t feel the same.

Aaron is the kind of shy guy we all know one way or another in our lives. Maybe we are that shy guy, and I certainly identify very strongly with Aaron. He’s very insecure and it makes him wonder what Ethan sees in him. Being a neurotic, of course, he automatically assumes the worst, especially since Ethan has no idea how to properly court a man.

Everything seems to go wrong  and the pressure really gets to Aaron. Luckily, Ethan proves that he’s more than happy to alleviate Aaron’s stress, and not just in physical way! *g*
How about you? Who do you turn to when you’re stressed out and how do they help you? Leave your comment with your email address to have a chance of winning my ebook, Theory of Attraction.  The giveaway will be closed 7 pm CDT, 8/13.

Giveaway is now closed! Congratulations PATI for winning the copy of the book. :)


Ethan Roberts is a TA and the resident gay Don Juan of St. Phillips University. Getting tired of one-night stands, he decides to pursue a serious relationship. However, the only guy he really wants is Aaron Marcus, a shy and nerdy Sociology TA.

His upbringing and his past relationship have made Aaron Marcus insecure and paranoid. He thinks Ethan is just another guy who wants to make fun of him with his over-the-top courtship. However, his perception of Ethan changes when Ethan takes him home and takes care of him after Aaron gets drunk in a bar.

It is up to Ethan to reassure Aaron that despite Ethan's inexperience in relationships and Aaron's neuroses, they can make their relationship work.

Some memorable quotes according to readers: 

Professor Yates glowered at him. "I hate balls, charity or otherwise."

Aaron snorted "That's so cheesy."
"Well yeah. I am cheesy. I'm the king of cheese. You should know that by now.
Aaron's eyes were dancing with amusement. "I prefer to call you classically romantic.”

At the moment, Theory of Attraction is available at SilverPublishing store. It will be available at Amazon, ARE, and other third party sellers soon.